September 30, 2009

Our servants went to Nova Scotia…

…and all we got was this pretty funky leash:

lupine leash

It’s the Ruby Cube leash from Lupine Collars & Leads. What’s so great about Lupine leashes?? Well, for one thing, they come in lots of cool colours and patterns:

lupine wing_it lupine sea_ponies lupine ducky lupine peace pup lupine trail mix lupine suzieq lupine dapper lupine puppy love

lupine bling_bonz lupine bone_hunter lupine camo-chic2 lupine doggie_dreams lupine flower_power lupine flowerpatch lupine mud-puppy lupine plum_blossom lupine tropicana lupine turtle_reef lupine wave_hound lupine woofstock

And for another thing, they come with a Guarantee (Even If Chewed):

We understand the joys and frustrations of pet ownership! Although we can't replace the legs on your kitchen table or your best pair of shoes, we can do our part to help keep your best friend out of the doghouse.

Should anything happen to accidentally damage your Lupine product - including chewing mistakes - simply mail the item to us. No receipt required.

lupine peace puppies

Even cats can wear cool Lupine collars — doesn’t it bring out the blue in her eyes…

lupine cat

Uh, yeah, so speaking of that best pair of shoes… Jackson did it!!

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September 29, 2009

Why we haven’t posted for a while

Well, honestly, it’s because we’ve been lazy. Plus the servant has been home a lot lately and was hogging the computer. But now she’s back at work, so here we are.

In honour of our laziness, here are some lazy animal pics for ya, starting with some lazy cats… what, like there’s any other kind of cat!!?? All they do is eat and sleep and scratch up your sofa…

lazy cat 2 

lazy cat

How is it possible to fall asleep in your food dish?? Dude, come on, it’s FOOD!!!! Can you not just take the 20 seconds required to gobble it all down and THEN take a nap?!

lazy cat 3

BIG lazy cat… we ain’t messin’ with this one!!

lazy lion

OK, OK, dogs are lazy too…

lazy dog 2 lazy dog

lazy dog and cat

Did someone say… SQUIRREL!?!?!?

lazy squirrel

Is he sleeping or thinking??

lazy monkey

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September 16, 2009

Yes, I need to pee on every post!!

To answer the servant’s question, YES, I DO need to pee on every post I see. I’m a boy dog, it’s what boy dogs do. Just be happy I don’t do freaky pee things like this:


Jackson sig

Picture credit: Piffe


September 6, 2009

Happy Lickable Labour Day!!

Not that we dogs actually work for a living, but our servants seem to enjoy an extra day off…

LaborDay chromaluna

Have a lickable Labour Day!!

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September 5, 2009


Hey, cool!! We’ve already got comments and followers!!

pawsse howl photobucket

Lots of licks and slobbery kisses to everyone who’s come by to check us out, and who checked out the post about us on DesignTies :-)

pawsse BigDogLickingKitty

So, Sax the Cat… yeah, we’ll bark at you from Canada. Trust us, we can bark LOUD. And we’ll bark at just about everything, even hot air balloons. But seeing as you were brave enough to wander into our doghouse even though we’re three pretty big dogs, we’ll let you hang out and play with us. But we might have to chase you now and then, just to keep up appearances — you know, the whole cat vs. dog thing.

dogs-chase-cat bigoo

Polly and Timmy, virtual butt sniffs to you :-) And great to meet another pant'-licker — pants are SO YUMMY!! Humans just don’t get it, do they?? There they are, wearing their pants all day long, and they have no idea what a fabulous smorgasbord of yumminess is right there on their legs.

We don’t have a Twitter account yet, Timmy — we’ll let you know when we do :-)

We’ve got lots of cool post ideas, so be sure to check in with us regularly. And we’d love to post pics of our new buddies. Polly & Timmy & Sax & all you other cats & dogs, send your pics to and we’ll post ‘em here :-)

carbo 2

Happy licking!!

pawsse sig

Picture credits: (1) Photobucket  (2) Book Summit  (3) Bigoo

September 4, 2009

A word from The Pawsse

pawsse boxer computer apetments

What, you’ve never seen a blogging dog before?? Just because you humans have opposable thumbs, you think you’re SOOOO much better than us dogs. Well, before you go getting all smug about being able to snap and do stuff we can’t do just because you have thumbs, remember that monkeys have thumbs too. And they do things like this:

funny monkey

We're just sayin'...

OK, just a quick intro and then we gotta get going. If you look up there at our header, you’ll see four very attractive and intelligent canines. On the left is Carbo. He was a great brother… sadly, he died last fall. But he’s still in our hearts, so he’s in our blog too :-) And then there’s Squirt the Black Lab, Kylie the Siberian Husky, and Jackson the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Intros done!! Now we have more important things to get to — like eat, sleep, poop, and lick pants.

Oh, speaking of which — we really should explain the name of our blog, Don't Lick My Pants. No, it's not a porn reference. We hear it all the time from our servants. Mainly the one with boobs — she gets all bent out of shape every time Squirt licks her pants. Well, what does she expect — after a day of going to work and the grocery store and the dog park and spilling ketchup and chocolate milk, her pants taste good. We’re dogs, licking crap off things is what we do!! Haven’t you noticed that we quite happily lick our private parts and our butts (and then if you’re lucky, your face) any chance we get?? So chill out there, Missy, and get used to it!!

pawsse pug todays musings

Anyway, now we REALLY gotta go. Weeehoooo, we’re goin’ to the dog park!!

Happy licking!!

pawsse sig

Picture credits: (1) Apetments (2) Humor-Mill (3) Todays Musings