September 29, 2009

Why we haven’t posted for a while

Well, honestly, it’s because we’ve been lazy. Plus the servant has been home a lot lately and was hogging the computer. But now she’s back at work, so here we are.

In honour of our laziness, here are some lazy animal pics for ya, starting with some lazy cats… what, like there’s any other kind of cat!!?? All they do is eat and sleep and scratch up your sofa…

lazy cat 2 

lazy cat

How is it possible to fall asleep in your food dish?? Dude, come on, it’s FOOD!!!! Can you not just take the 20 seconds required to gobble it all down and THEN take a nap?!

lazy cat 3

BIG lazy cat… we ain’t messin’ with this one!!

lazy lion

OK, OK, dogs are lazy too…

lazy dog 2 lazy dog

lazy dog and cat

Did someone say… SQUIRREL!?!?!?

lazy squirrel

Is he sleeping or thinking??

lazy monkey

pawsse sig_thumb[1][3]

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  1. Hey! My human posted pictures of me napping today!

    I want to chase that squirrel!


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