September 4, 2009

A word from The Pawsse

pawsse boxer computer apetments

What, you’ve never seen a blogging dog before?? Just because you humans have opposable thumbs, you think you’re SOOOO much better than us dogs. Well, before you go getting all smug about being able to snap and do stuff we can’t do just because you have thumbs, remember that monkeys have thumbs too. And they do things like this:

funny monkey

We're just sayin'...

OK, just a quick intro and then we gotta get going. If you look up there at our header, you’ll see four very attractive and intelligent canines. On the left is Carbo. He was a great brother… sadly, he died last fall. But he’s still in our hearts, so he’s in our blog too :-) And then there’s Squirt the Black Lab, Kylie the Siberian Husky, and Jackson the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Intros done!! Now we have more important things to get to — like eat, sleep, poop, and lick pants.

Oh, speaking of which — we really should explain the name of our blog, Don't Lick My Pants. No, it's not a porn reference. We hear it all the time from our servants. Mainly the one with boobs — she gets all bent out of shape every time Squirt licks her pants. Well, what does she expect — after a day of going to work and the grocery store and the dog park and spilling ketchup and chocolate milk, her pants taste good. We’re dogs, licking crap off things is what we do!! Haven’t you noticed that we quite happily lick our private parts and our butts (and then if you’re lucky, your face) any chance we get?? So chill out there, Missy, and get used to it!!

pawsse pug todays musings

Anyway, now we REALLY gotta go. Weeehoooo, we’re goin’ to the dog park!!

Happy licking!!

pawsse sig

Picture credits: (1) Apetments (2) Humor-Mill (3) Todays Musings


  1. Hey fellow dogs!
    I'm Timmy, the top dog at my house. Your servant, Kelly knows my servant, Gayle. Sadly I don't have my own blog, but I do have my own twitter account! It's @TimmyPlanetM Do you have a twitter account? If you do, follow me and I'll follow you! I haven't tried licking pants, but my canine sister, Polly has done that. The humans tell her to get away when she does it.

  2. Hi there! I'm Sax the cat - are cats allowed here? I hope so, what are you going to do about it anyway, bark at me from Canada? Anyhow, just wanted to let you in on a little hint. If you think licking pants gets a reaction, try this. Wait till your mom lays on her side, then jump up and lay on her like she's a fence, the reach down and lick her nose until she wakes up and feeds you. I promise, it works every time. Even on those weird days they call the weekend. Til later, Sax


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