September 5, 2009


Hey, cool!! We’ve already got comments and followers!!

pawsse howl photobucket

Lots of licks and slobbery kisses to everyone who’s come by to check us out, and who checked out the post about us on DesignTies :-)

pawsse BigDogLickingKitty

So, Sax the Cat… yeah, we’ll bark at you from Canada. Trust us, we can bark LOUD. And we’ll bark at just about everything, even hot air balloons. But seeing as you were brave enough to wander into our doghouse even though we’re three pretty big dogs, we’ll let you hang out and play with us. But we might have to chase you now and then, just to keep up appearances — you know, the whole cat vs. dog thing.

dogs-chase-cat bigoo

Polly and Timmy, virtual butt sniffs to you :-) And great to meet another pant'-licker — pants are SO YUMMY!! Humans just don’t get it, do they?? There they are, wearing their pants all day long, and they have no idea what a fabulous smorgasbord of yumminess is right there on their legs.

We don’t have a Twitter account yet, Timmy — we’ll let you know when we do :-)

We’ve got lots of cool post ideas, so be sure to check in with us regularly. And we’d love to post pics of our new buddies. Polly & Timmy & Sax & all you other cats & dogs, send your pics to and we’ll post ‘em here :-)

carbo 2

Happy licking!!

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Picture credits: (1) Photobucket  (2) Book Summit  (3) Bigoo

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  1. There's a kitty commenter that visits here?! Polly and I have seen a kitty from afar and we barked like crazy to scare it back to it's own house! It kind of ignored us. Grrrr.

    Signed: Timmy


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